Frankincense Hydrosol / Frankincense Distilled Water from Dhofar, Oman



  • 100% Pure Distilled in Dhofar, Oman
  • Natural and Undiluted
  • No Chemical, Fragrance or Other Additives
Beneficial Uses of Frankincense Hydrosol:

– Fragrance blends and other aromatherapy preparations
– Facial Tonic for firming and toning wrinkles and fine lines.
– Skin-healer, Analgesic, Antiseptic, Anti-inflammatory
– Heals wounds, scars, cuts and bruises and improve skin texture
– Helps dry up excess mucus and expel phlegm from the lungs
– Gargle (Mouth or gum infections)
– Enhances meditation and any form of energy healing
Offers energetic protection of the auric field


True hydrosols are produced during the steam distillation of essential oils. Plant material is placed in the still along with water and heat is then applied to produce steam. This steam extracts the oils from the plant material and is then condensed (re-liquefied).

After the extracted essential oils have been separated from the water, traces of essential oil remain in that water, together with some non-volatile plant components that were extracted.

This water that is “left over” after the distillation of an essential oil is the hydrosol. While aromatherapists consider hydrosols to have some of the same properties as essential oils, they are generally considered to be gentler in their actions.

Frankincense Hydrosol

The hydrosol shares the same fresh, woody, balsamic, slightly spicy and fruity notes but has a softer smell. In any case, if you like Frankincense Essential Oil you are likely to also enjoy the hydrosol.

Frankincense Hydrosol has been described as soothing and relaxing while, at the same time, also gently energizing and restorative. Frankincense Hydrosols have mild astringent effects on the skin and is popular as a spray-on skin toner that is said to be especially helpful for mature skin.

To extend the shelf life of your Frankincense Hydrosol, store in a cool dark area or refrigerate. Spritzing a hydrosol that has been chilled can feel extra refreshing.

Weight: 100ml / Bottle

Price: 9.5 US$


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