Frankincense Resin 50gm. + Myrrh Resin 50gm. + Amber Resin 50gm. + Dragon Blood Resin 50gm


  • 100% Pure and Natural
  • Great Aroma, Purify Atmosphere
  • Frankincense Highest and Finest quality from Oman
  • Myrrh Highest and Finest quality from Somalia
  • Good for Meditation, Aid Digestion
  • 100% Genuine & Natural Amber
  • Baltic Amber Import from Lithuania
  • Dragon Blood Import from Socotra Island, Yemen
  • Great for Aromatherapy and Jewelry Decorations


HolyAroma Resin Set
Frankincense Resin Gum Tear (Superior Hojari) 100% Authentic,

Highest and Finest Quality imported from Dhofar Region, Oman | Purify Atmosphere, Good Meditation, Aid digestion, Arthritis 50 gm.

Product: Frankincense Resin

Origin: Oman

Speicies: Boswellia Sacra

➤ We offer finest Frankincense resins and Myrrh resins from only the best source of the world.

➤ Frankincense Hojari is the finest grade of Boswellia Sacra from “Oman”.

➤ Myrrh from the finest grade of Commiphora Myrrha from “Somalia”.

Frankincense Hojari is considered one of the highest grades of frankincense in the world, it is from Dhofar region, Oman.

The medium sized translucent tears are white, yellow, amber, and pale green in color. This type of Frankincense is considered to be the best. With wonderful rich aroma.

The smoke from this resin is very fine, and is also very relaxing incense to burn.

Connecting Heaven and Earth, the Frankincense Hojari has large teardrops of dark Honey colored resins, with an aroma of sweet and spicy tones.

Frankincense is quite sticky and fresh and ideal for purifying the atmosphere, enhancing your senses, and grounding your connection whilst deepening meditation.

It energizes the air, bringing vitality and purification to your home and environment from negative energies.

Weight:50 gm.

Myrrh Resin Gum Tear (Superior Quality) 100% Authentic,

Highest and Finest Quality imported from Somalia | Purify Atmosphere, Good Meditation, Arthritis 50 gm

Product: Myrrh Resin

Origin: Somalia

Speicies: Commiphora Myrrha

➤ We offer finest Frankincense resins and Myrrh resins from only the best source of the world.

➤ Frankincense Hojari is the finest grade of Boswellia Sacra from “Oman”.

➤ Myrrh from the finest grade of Commiphora Myrrha from “Somalia”.

Myrrh from Somalia is considered the finest quality in the world. The natural region they grow in is Africa and surrounding areas.

Myrrh is considered as potent natural antiseptic and can be used externally on the skin. It cleanses and disinfects the wounds, cuts and has properties to heal the wound faster.

Myrrh is dried oleo-gum-resin in reddish brown or deep yellow shade with a spicy, warm aroma when burned.

It is of great value in the treatment of mouth infections such as ulcers, gingivitis and pyorrhoea when used as a mouthwash. It is also proved to help in reducing the elevated cholesterol and lipid levels.

Myrrh is the aromatic resin of a number of small, thorny tree species of the genus Commiphora, which is an essential oil, termed an oleoresin. Myrrh resin is a natural gum.  When a tree wound penetrates through the bark and into the sapwood, the tree bleeds a resin. Myrrh gum, like frankincense, is such a resin.

So valuable has it been at times in ancient history that it has been equal in weight value to gold. During times of scarcity, its value rose even higher than that. It has been used throughout history as a perfume, incense and other uses.

Weight: 50 gm.

Uses for Frankincense and Myrrh

Both frankincense and myrrh have been used for centuries as incense. They have been burned and laid on charcoal to smoke. Both have also been used in mummification and preparing bodies for burial. The antibacterial properties of both compounds may help to purify the air and aid in preservation in both cases.

Frankincense is used as an aid in digestion. It can be chewed like gum or steam distilled. It can also be made into a tincture and taken as needed.

Frankincense has also been used for arthritis. The tears can be infused in oil and made into a salve.

Myrrh has been used for female problems including menstruation issues, menopause and uterine tumors. Like Frankincense, myrrh has also been used for arthritis.

Myrrh has long been used for oral treatments. It decreases inflammation in the mouth and can kill bacteria. This makes it a great aid in mouth ulcers, tooth problems and other oral issues.

Myrrh has also been used for hemorrhoids, possibly due to its anti-inflammatory properties.


Amber Resin, Chips, Piece Baltic Amber from Lithuania,

Good Aromatherapy Warm, Musky, Pine & Earthly Smell, Heal Skin Disorder and Anti-Aging Or For Jewelry Decorations – 50g

  • 100% Genuine & Natural Amber
  • Baltic Amber Import from Lithuania
  • Great for Aromatherapy and Jewelry Decorations

Amber has a warm and exotic fragrance and when heated it fills the entire room with a subtle euphoric aroma. A common use of amber was to burn it and fumigate the rooms, letting its smoke fill the entire house.

Amber resin was created with the intention to heal the tree and shield it against infection. This resin is so strong that its original structure can remain intact for centuries without any disturbances to its composition.


Amber is fossilized tree resin, which has been appreciated for its color and natural beauty since Neolithic times.

The resin was washed out of the forest floor by large rivers and transported south towards the sea. In the course of time the resin was transformed to amber due to processes of polymerisation and oxidation.

Much valued from antiquity to the present as a gemstone, amber is made into a variety of decorative objects.

Amber is used in jewelry. It has also been used as a healing agent in folk medicine.


Scent of Amber and Amber perfumery

If amber is heated under the right conditions, oil of amber is produced with a peculiar musky odor. When burned, amber does give off a characteristic “pinewood” fragrance.

The term “amber” is loosely used to describe a scent that is warm, musky, rich and honey-like, and also somewhat earthy.

The most important amber mine in the world is located in Russia, east of Kaliningrad in the Baltic region.

The Baltic region is home to the largest known deposit of amber, called Baltic amber or succinite.

Baltic amber is also found in Lithuania, Estonia, Poland and occasionally on the shores of Denmark, Norway and United Kingdom.

In ancient China, it was customary to burn amber during large festivities.

Health Benefits

Amber – a magical stone

Our ancestors believed that amber is a cure for all diseases, a magical stone. Amber beads were worn to cure sore throats, colds, asthma, and heart ailments.

Lithuanians believed that the beads help to clear kidney stones and are beneficial for eye diseases. Even scientists have confirmed that amber has a lot of healing powers.

In addition, it is believed that amber protects from evil, enhances creativity, brings good fortune and the peace of mind, and provides self-confidence.

It is especially beneficial for nervous people, suffering from irritability, tension, keeping grievances in their heart.

Powder and Oil made from this natural resin is used for massaging and similar purposes.

Oil made from Baltic Amber is believed to have strong therapeutic properties. When it is rubbed into the skin it is thought to be effective anti-aging treatment and also beneficial for regenerating skin.

It can be used to quickly heal skin that is either bruised or burned.

Based on some literature Powder made from Amber might be advantageous for treating small blood vessels, Thyroid gland disease and for improving health of hair.

There are many ways that Baltic Amber can be used including as an antibiotic that stimulates and supports the body’s own immune system.

Amber aromatherapy, when properly prepared and applied, has intense psychological effects used in altering brain waves, increasing sensual pleasure, heart energy and positive vibes.

It also provides healing and stimulating tissue revitalization; perhaps the most significant ingredient in “breakthrough” pharmaceutical remedies for skin disorders and anti-aging creams today is Succinic Acid which is the key substance found in Baltic amber.

As much as 3% to 8% – the largest quantity found anywhere in nature.

Dragon Blood Resin


Species: Dracaena cinnabari
Origin: The Island of Socotra, Yemen

– Burning to produce aromatic scents.
– Burning to cleanse the toxic out of the air flow.
– Ulcers – possibly be beneficial for a few different types of ulcers.
– Antimicrobial – protection against or even kill pathogens like bacteria, fungi, and viruses.
– Antidiarrheal – the most common uses in ancient times was for digestive health.
– Anti-inflammatory – it has some anti-inflammatory properties
– Antidiabetic – it could support diabetes treatment or prevention.
– Anticancer – it may be anti-tumor potential in dragon’s blood.
– Cosmetics Ingredients

Dragon’s Blood has been prized as a grounding, and extraordinarily powerful protector against negativity and lower vibrations.

What is dragon’s blood?

Dragon’s blood is a natural plant resin. It’s dark red in color, which is part of what gives dragon’s blood its name.

The resin is extracted from many different tropical tree species commonly called dragon trees. These may come from the plant groups Croton, Pterocarpus, Daemonorops, or Dracaena.

The plant resin has been used for thousands of years for distinct purposes. There are records of its use among the ancient Greeks and Romans and in India, China, and the Middle East.

Some of its uses are for health. It’s also been used as dye, paint, incense, or for spiritual purposes.

Dragon’s blood has risen from humble folk healing traditions to become a widely used health supplement today.

Dragon’s blood is used as a stimulant and abortifacient. The root yields a gum-resin, used in gargle water as a stimulant, astringent and in toothpaste. The root is used in rheumatism, the leaves are a carminative.

The local inhabitants of the city in the Socotra Island use the dragon’s blood resin as a cure-all.

Greeks, Romans, and Arabs use it in general wound healing, as a coagulant, cure for diarrhea, for dysentery diseases, for lowering fevers. It is also taken for ulcers in the mouth, throat, intestines and stomach.

Weight: 50g

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